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Best Dry Cleaners Scottsdale, Cave Creek



We use a modern technology dry cleaning machine and we distill our solvents on a regular basis. The machine is tested regularly by an independent agent for cleaning effectiveness. As a result we have received International Fabricare Institute's Certificate of Achievement for "High Standard of Excellence in Dry Cleaning Solvent Quality". All garments are examined to ensure we are following the safest, most effective method of cleaning for each piece. Stains are treated prior to cleaning. The garments are then individually hand finished / pressed. All items are inspected a minimum of four times to ensure superior stain removal and finishing. We keep your fabrics feeling soft and you looking your best.


We use our expertise in materials and manufacturing methods to determine the safest, most effective way to clean and finish your household items. Feel free to bring us items like your sheets, comforters, table cloths, drapes, rugs, sleeping bags, and more.


Whether you need a simple repair or a dress tailored to fit just right for that special day you have found the right place. We have partnered with a very talented seamstress with many years of experience. She can handle any of your requests from having your items hemmed, takin in or let out, repairing or replacing a zipper, sewing on patches, repairing seams that are coming undone. You name it, we can have it done to your liking.



We use only the highest quality detergents when caring for your garments. This helps keep them white and does not wear them out as quick. Our shirt finishing machine is new and top of the line and helps the overall finish of the shirt. After we make sure that all buttons have been checked we deliver a high quality shirt that is bright, clean and crisp.



You have so many items during your life that are special and bring fond memories, including wedding dresses, christening outfits, military uniforms, graduation robes and other items from cherished events in your life.  Let us help preserve these treasures for you.  Heir looming and preservation work is a science that takes special care, knowledge, processes and equipment to ensure your memories can be treasured for years to come.  We have many years of experience performing the highest quality work with these specialty items.  All items are returned in a sealed box using acid-free packaging.

Free Pick up & Delivery
  • Pick ups and deliveries twice a week

  • No minimum required

  • Monthly billing

  • No need to be home

  • No contracts

  • Tipping is not required or expected

  • Laundry bags provided

  • Safe, easy and convenient

  • Save time and money


Your time is valuable.  Let us help you save time by cleaning simpler items so you can spend your time on more important things.  This service includes a basic wash, folding, and packaging of clothes and household items (some exclusions).  As a note of clarification, pressing is not included as part of this service.


These specialty items take special care, knowledge, processes and equipment to ensure they are treated properly.  Therefore, we worked hard to find a plant that has many years of experience performing quality work in cleaning leathers, suedes and furs.  To protect your investments, they pay extra attention to ensuring your jackets, pants, purses, chaps and more will be returned soft, supple and clean.

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